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ITR Awards, World Tax-World TP 2022 research is now LIVE

14 January 2021 by World Tax staff

This year's cycle has begun, find more details inside

News & Analysis

Brazilian case law on foreign service’s payments requires attention

17 February 2021 by Junqueira Ie Advogados

Supreme coury decision amends verification procedure

News & Analysis

Tax boutique established in Brazil

12 February 2021 by Jon Moore

Firm launched by experienced market practitioner

News & Analysis

India: Union Budget 2021: Highlights

02 February 2021 by Deloitte - India

The much-awaited Union Budget 2021 was announced on 1 February 2021

News & Analysis

Fidal joins WTS Global

01 February 2021 by Jon Moore

French practice joins together with global tax network

News & Analysis

India: Would Union Budget 2021 accelerate the industry’s recovery?

22 January 2021 by Deloitte - India

Corporate India sounds positive note for the country's economic revival

News & Analysis

New law makes profit and results sharing a safer alternative to promote business productivity

22 January 2021 by Junqueira Ie Advogados

Profit and results sharing

News & Analysis

Covid-19 Impact: Benchmarking in uncertain times

24 December 2020 by Deloitte India

Deloitte India present their thought leadership publication on determination of arm’s length margins

News & Analysis

Supply-chain shifts and some key India tax aspects

30 November 2020 by Deloitte India

Deloitte India set out what makes India an attractive destination for a supply-chain ecosystem

News & Analysis

Why is ITCMD trending on the Brazilian tax world?

09 November 2020 by Junqueira Ie

The Brazilian Estate and Gift Tax (“ITCMD”) has been thoroughly present in the media during the past few weeks, be it because of recent case law revisions brought about by new jurisprudence[1], or by the onset of major Investigations on ITCMD tax evasion.