The key goal of the World Tax and World TP research is to provide global rankings that accurately reflect the markets we cover. One of the key elements of that is providing granular tables that delve deeper into specific practice areas and highlight those who are performing at the highest levels locally.

As part of that commitment, through our research we are always looking at how we can recognise specialists and subject-matter experts in each country. As such, our researchers are always looking to see whether an additional ranking in a market would better reflect its composition.

Last year we added 50 new tables in jurisdictions around the world. In the majority of cases these were some of our standard specialisms such as Indirect tax, Tax controversy and Transactional tax, recognising that specialisation in these areas of practice is an increasing phenomenon in a lot of jurisdictions.

In addition, we saw several more specific tables added, those that reflect the unique nature of certain markets and the experts working in them. This included Customs tables in a number of East Asian markets, reflecting the importance of large-scale exports to their economies, and several Private client rankings in both Asia and Europe. It also included some more specific practices such as Real estate in Israel and both Energy and Shipping in Norway, reflecting key unique aspects of both countries’ economies.

As we continue with our research this year we will once again be looking to add new ranking tables to our offering, recognising the developing and specialised nature of tax practitioner work in an increasing number of countries around the world.