Argentina launches new public-private participation program (PPP). Grupo GNP leads practice by involving in one of the major engagements.

Recently, the Argentine government has tendered the first six public works (new road corridors) according to the new program of public-private participation (PPP), under the legal framework of the national law 27.328.

We are proud to mention that given our experience and background, one of the economic groups that participated in the bidding process and that was finally awarded with one of the road corridors, has chosen us as tax advisors for the entire project.

This choice represents a very rewarding challenge for us due to the complexity and size of the operations involved in the project. The amount of work is estimated at more than USD 2,000 millions.

According to what has been publicly mentioned on several occasions by the Argentine government, this type of mixed participation projects will increase in the near future in order to continue improving the stock of infrastructure that will make the Argentine economy more competitive.

GNP Group leads the practice in relation to the study and definition of the relevant fiscal issues in relation to the new business model (PPP) adopted by the Argentine government to perform public works.