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Number of professionals: 332

Deloitte Tax LLP (Deloitte Tax)’s Multistate Tax Services group has a team of indirect tax practitioners specializing in federal, state, and local indirect tax services, offering compliance, consulting, advisory, planning, and recovery services to our clients.

Drawing upon our in-depth tax technical knowledge of each jurisdiction’s tax laws, coupled with data analytics and other technology-based services, we offer distinct insights regarding how these laws apply to companies nationwide, in various industries and sectors. Our practitioners represent a mix of accounting, legal, industry, technology, and state government backgrounds.

Deloitte’s indirect tax practitioners have significant experience with sales/use tax and excise tax compliance leveraging state-of-the-art technology, performing refund reviews leveraging cognitive technologies, providing audit defense and appeal services, advising regarding nexus, sourcing, classification, and taxability questions, and assisting with voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) in jurisdictions nationwide.

Our key differentiator is our ability to combine deep technical knowledge and strong industry experience to serve our clients across multiple industries and provide broad and customized indirect tax services to address client issues. We offer broad and one-stop services in all areas of indirect tax—sales and use, excise, reverse audit, severance, and unclaimed property.

We are very agile in addressing complex problems by leveraging technology in compliance, recovery, consulting, and audit issues. Our highly experienced Jurisdictional Technical Leads, working with industry leaders, are strategically positioned to help address or accelerate resolution of issues with state taxing authorities.

Our indirect tax technology innovation team provides a novel, creative, and outside the box approaches to client and industry issues. We also have extensive experience managing large and complex global engagements as well as working with multiple clients and business leaders.

The ability of our practitioners to draw on the capabilities and strengths of a global network of indirect tax practitioners and work with other service lines within Deloitte Tax and other functions within Deloitte to provide multinational and global clients with broad, business-focused services is some of the reasons for our success.

The market for indirect tax services is more active than ever before and is in large part driven by the significant shift in the indirect tax legislative landscape, taxing authorities becoming more active, increased demand for and reliance on technology to present near-time/real-time reporting, transformational and supply chain challenges for global clients, a shortage of experienced indirect tax practitioners, and pressure from finance leadership to do more with less. These changes and many others have created unexpected and unprecedented market growth opportunities and we continue to see significant demand for indirect tax services which has led to revenue growth of our practice in the current year.

Over the past few years, Deloitte Tax has significantly increased its investment in innovation, deepening its commitment to evolve with clients, and anticipating the next generation of technology solutions and capabilities to meet the ever-changing set of challenges its clients face.

Deloitte Tax is laser focused on implementing Intela on engagements across all service offerings. Intela is an integrated, innovative technology platform, that brings together leading-edge solutions for engagement planning, management, data collection, manipulation, and mapping.

Deloitte Tax’s CognitiveTaxInsight™ solution uses machine learning and smart-OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities to rapidly classify millions of transactions and draw quick insights into indirect tax over/under payments.

Deloitte Tax’s ITC solution provides a streamlined process to on-board a wide variety of client data into a single platform to automate the indirect tax return preparation process. Our indirect tax technology team routinely provides technology services in automating client business processes, extracting and wrangling very high volumes of transactional data from various ERP systems, designing, and developing custom technology solutions to various client situations, and deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, OCR capabilities, and Cognitive solutions.

Our ability to deliver the strength of the Deloitte network—which includes Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited’s (“DTTL”) global network of member firms and their related entities—by aligning our indirect tax technical and industry capabilities with the technology and business transformation capabilities of our tax, consulting, and advisory colleagues results in deep knowledge of new and upcoming technologies and how they can be beneficial to indirect tax clients.

Our key service offerings

Indirect tax compliance

Indirect tax compliance can consume a significant amount of a company's limited indirect tax resources. Indirect taxation (including sales and use, gross receipts, and transaction taxes) and associated compliance are increasingly becoming important as states seek to expand registration, notice, and reporting requirements.

Whether it is dealing with the consolidation of multiple data sources, manually preparing returns, populating reports to aid in general ledger account reconciliation, or handling jurisdictional notices, indirect tax compliance is often a time-consuming and tedious process. Inaccurate compliance may result in significant penalties and interest, overlooked refund opportunities, an increase in tax notices, and the potential for financial reporting issues.

Deloitte leverages leading technology tools and processes in the delivery of indirect tax compliance outsourcing and/or co-sourcing services.


Deloitte Tax’s assistance in excise tax extends to compliance, consulting, and recovery services. Our excise tax practitioners help companies identify, analyze, and quantify potential federal, state, and local tax refunds. Due to our experience working with the IRS, TTB, and taxation authorities in most states, Deloitte Tax can often get to the root of complex issues quickly and resolve issues efficiently.

With the newly reinstated Superfund excise taxes (effective 1 July 2022), our excise tax practitioners may provide the following services to our global clients:

  • Analyze imported and manufactured products, which would be subject to the tax and determine estimated excise tax liability based on the list of taxable chemicals and substances.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of technology solutions to enable the identification of taxable chemicals and substances as well as exemptions.
  • Assist with risk assessments and internal controls.
  • Analyze and assist in documenting any available exemptions.
  • Assist with quarterly excise tax compliance, including Form 720, Form 6627, and the corresponding semi-monthly deposits.

Reverse audit

Deloitte Tax has both national and local resources and industry focused specialists dedicated to indirect tax refund reviews. To help companies quantify potential indirect tax refunds or overpayment opportunities, we review their purchases for potential errors relative to the application of sales, use, telecommunications, excise, severance, and other transaction-based taxes. We use smart OCR, cognitive technology, and machine learning, and data analytics to efficiently identify, recover, and reduce overpaid indirect taxes in high-volume, complex transactional data environments. By leveraging technology in our refund reviews, we can review large populations of transactions, even those that otherwise would not rise to the materiality necessary for a manual review.


Our severance tax practitioners help companies analyze and quantify potential oil and gas and other mineral severance tax refunds. Using our proprietary technology, Deloitte Tax has the capability to address a client’s severance tax needs and evolving compliance requirements. Deloitte Tax’s assistance in severance tax extends to both compliance outsourcing and compliance support services. Many of our severance tax practitioners have significant experience working with state departments of revenue and have insight into tax law and administrative auditor policies as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

Audit controversy

Our practitioners have insight into tax law and administrative audit policies as well as industry knowledge. We also assist companies with indirect tax managed audits. Managed audits allow the taxpayer to perform the tax audit in conjunction with the state as per the guidelines laid out by the state's tax auditors. Many states may abate or reduce interest and/or penalties associated with a managed audit assessment.

Recent wins

While many aspects of our indirect tax practice is growing, we are experiencing exponential growth in our indirect tax compliance services. To manage limited internal resources and enhance compliance efficiencies, many clients are now outsourcing their indirect tax compliance to Deloitte Tax. We are seeing the trend across multiple industries.

Many clients are also interested in looking for cash savings and overpayments, hence the high demand for our reverse audit/refund review services.

Due to the reinstatement of the Superfund chemical excise tax, our excise tax practice is also experiencing incremental growth.


International Tax Review (ITR) has named Deloitte as the Americas Tax Technology Firm of the Year for five years in a row. This recognition delivers on Deloitte’s commitment to be at the forefront of driving digital transformation in tax, as we help our clients shift from going digital to being digital.

ITR Americas Tax Awards 2022

  • Deloitte was named the Americas Indirect Tax Firm of the Year for the second consecutive year
  • Deloitte US won the “National Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year” award
  • Deloitte was named the Americas Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year for the sixth consecutive year
  • Deloitte was named the Americas Tax Compliance and Reporting Firm of the Year for the third consecutive year

ITR World Tax & World Transfer Pricing tier rankings 2023

  • World Tax: Deloitte was ranked Tier 1 in five jurisdictions in the US:

o California
o District of Columbia
o Illinois
o New York
o Texas

  • World Transfer Pricing: Deloitte was ranked Tier 1 in the US.

ITR World Tax guide 2023 | Indirect Tax leaders

Seven Deloitte practitioners were recognized: Dwayne Van Wieren, Helen Cousineau, Kathy Saxton, Kristine Dozier, Matthew Polli, Nehal Radia, and Ronnie Dassen.
Source: International Tax Review

Eminent leaders

Kirsten Gulotta, National Indirect Tax Practice Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP
Marshal Sulayman, Excise Tax Practice Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP
Brian Little, Indirect Tax Compliance Leader
Rick Heller, Indirect Tax Consulting Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP
David Yaros, National Indirect Tax Recovery Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP
Dwayne Van Wieren, Severance Tax Practice Leader, Deloitte Tax LLP


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