Practice overview:

With indirect tax becoming many governments' preferred method of revenue raising, and evermore-complicated regulations focused on combatting fraud, it is more critical than ever to manage indirect tax compliance and cash flows. Deloitte’s indirect tax specialists are well informed and understand the nuances of regulations, the importance of deep industry knowledge, and the growing role of technology experience.

Value added Tax (VAT), Good and Services Tax (GST) and other transaction based taxes

In a globalised digital world characterised by fast-moving markets, changing business models and the increasing prevalence of VAT/GST, keeping pace can be a challenge. Indirect tax processes and reporting that fail to keep up, risk non-compliance and adverse impacts on cash flow, the amount of tax due, and penalties from tax authorities.

Deloitte’s network of Indirect Tax and industry-focused specialists help businesses manage their indirect taxes effectively by providing tax technical support, guidance on effective processes implementation, and leveraging technology solutions. Working together, Deloitte member firms in Asia Pacific (APAC) help clients manage costs and risks, both locally and globally.

Global Trade Advisory

Global businesses need to understand the global import and export regulations applicable to their business and establish cost-effective internal controls to manage and monitor their international trade compliance. With Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence (COE) for Global Trade Advisory solutions, customs and global trade specialists around the world can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements, while leveraging innovative technology solutions.

Highlight your regional network in a few sentences (what’s unique or different):

Deloitte’s APAC VAT Advisory and Global Trade COE is a platform spanning all main geographies in the APAC region allowing Deloitte member firms in Asia Pacific to deliver seamless, innovative solutions to our clients. With a suite of technology solutions, which were designed internally, Deloitte in Asia Pacific is able to customise to the specific needs of regional and global clients.

Deloitte APAC’s Indirect Tax team is an award-winning group of excellent professionals, the majority of whom have experience of indirect tax systems in several countries and who advise on complex matters.

Can you speak to the indirect tax growth in your region (why/how it’s affected the business):

Over the past three years, the VAT Reforms that have taken place in the region have simply been unprecedented and it has allowed Deloitte member firms in Asia Pacific to become the preferred provider of choice for many clients to assist them with the implementation of the new legislations in key jurisdictions. Coupled with technology changes that are required to meet the new indirect tax compliance environment, Deloitte in APAC has been able to add to that growth year over year.

How is your region innovative? Speak of digital capabilities

Deloitte member firms in APAC are innovative as they have designed a suite of tools and technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to assist with automation of compliance for shared services centers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to assist with mass classification for customs purposes. All the tools were built with the client as proof of value, so rather than responding to client needs, Deloitte member firms in APAC built these tools with future client needs in mind.

Deloitte APAC’s Indirect Tax practice advises e-commerce businesses complying with the challenging and rapidly changing indirect tax regulations for this sector around the globe.

What are your unique capabilities in particular countries? (+if you can speak to digital capabilities)

Deloitte Australia and China are the region’s two innovation hubs, pioneers in indirect tax automation and analytics with a focus on identifying opportunities and improving efficiencies for our clients through use of technology and in-house developed tools.

For Customs, Deloitte in Asia Pacific are one of the pioneers in the area of GTS with a series of wins with Chinese outbound clients and an increased focus on strengthening export controls requirements.

Our key service offerings include:
  • Indirect Tax advisory including Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST), as well as other transaction based taxes
  • Indirect Tax compliance and reporting
  • Indirect Tax automation
  • Global Trade Advisory (GTA)
List your recent wins (For risk purposes, you can use generic client descriptions, for e.g., “large automobile company”) Speak to technological advantages.
  • Large VAT automation project across seven countries for a large manufacturing company automating over 40,000 VAT returns 
  • Large VAT and tax automation project for a leading German automobile company automating over 80,000 VAT returns
  • Several wins on Global Trade Radar (Deloitte’s data analytics tool for global trade) and Global Trade Compass for a number of large MNCs
Other awards/accolades:
  • In International Tax Review’s (ITR) 2019 Asia Tax Awards, Deloitte won a total of eight national awards.
  • In ITR’s 2018 Asia Tax Awards, Deloitte won 14 awards, including Asia Indirect Tax Firm of the Year for the second consecutive year. Deloitte also won Asia Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year and Asia Tax Technology Firm of the Year.
  • In ITR’s 2017 Asia Tax Awards, Deloitte won 12 awards in total, including Asia Indirect Tax Firm of the Year.
  • In 2018, Deloitte had 162 leaders listed in ITR’s Indirect Tax Leaders Guide. This is the sixth consecutive edition that Deloitte has had more leaders recognised than any other firm.
  • Kendra Hann, Deloitte Global Indirect Tax Leader
  • Sarah Chin, Deloitte APAC Indirect Tax Leader and APAC Global Trade Advisory COE Leader
  • Fernand Rutten, Deloitte Global Trade Advisory Leader
  • Rogier Vanhorick, Deloitte Global Indirect Tax Digital Leader
  • Olivier Hody, Deloitte Global Indirect Tax C&I Leader
  • Richard Mackender – Deloitte South East Asia VAT/GST leader
  • Meng Yew Wong – Deloitte South East Asia Customs leader

Deloitte in Asia Pacific region includes approximately 103 offices in more than 120 cities in over 20 countries, with 45 indirect tax partners and over 690 indirect tax professionals.

Phone: + (852) 2852 1600
Twitter: @Deloitte

For the purposes of this submission, ‘Deloitte Asia Pacific’ refers to the partners and professionals providing indirect tax services in Deloitte member firms in Australia, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Deloitte Asia Pacific is not a separate entity and does not provide services.