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Tax controversy

Imam Subekti has 22 years of experience in handling taxation cases of clients from various industries. His expertise in taxation is supported by his educational background as a Bachelor of Economics at Universitas Indonesia. He holds a top-level Tax Consultant Certification, and a Registered Tax Attorney.

  • Imam Subekti represents one of the largest information technology companies listed in Fortune 500 during tax audit and dispute resolutions. His strategies during tax audit made a breakthrough, he managed to resolve continuous and significant amount of tax adjustment that frequently encountered by the client during the previous tax audits. Furthermore, Imam successfully implement innovative approach to get tax exemption for the client, this approach requires deep understanding of the client’s business nature and the capability to explain it to the tax office.
  • During the tax audit of a client engaged in e-commerce marketplace, Imam Subekti was given the authority by the client to represent the client in the discussion with the Tax Auditor, including submitting an objection to the Tax Auditor’s findings. Since the implementation of Indonesia’s tax regulation related to marketplace was not yet clear, so it potentially leads to different interpretations. However, Imam managed to present comprehensive explanation from the marketplace business process, business income, related bookkeeping/recording movement, document samples, and payment information, so that it was easier to understand by the Tax Auditor. As the result, he succeeded to convince the Tax Auditor to annul the significant potential correction, so it did not become an audit finding.
  • Imam Subekti successfully represent one of the major mobile telecommunication companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange during a dispute settlement in the Tax Court. Imam challenged the tax auditor’s opinion about specific regulation used as a base of making tax adjustment, and eventually he was able to prove that the tax auditor correction should not be applied to the client’s case in the first place.
  • Representing a well-known fashion brand distributor company as an Attorney/sole advisor in the Tax Court. Despite of the case involved challenging cross-border issues and the evidence was so complicated because it was related to intangible assets, as a lead partner Imam successfully convinced the Panel of Judges of the Tax Court that correction to expense and promotional transaction made by the tax auditor was not accurate considering the client’s business nature, and also proved by nominative list, and other supporting documents of the transaction. For his strong arguments, the Panel of Judges of the Tax Court accepted his argument and annulled the correction.

  • Audit defence
  • Dispute resolution
  • Controversy management
  • Customs
  • Tax Consulting
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Consumer goods and services
  • Energy
  • Natural resources
  • Oil and gas
  • Tech and telecoms

  • Indonesian Tax Consultant Association (IKPI)

  • Bachelor Degree in Financial Management, University of Indonesia;
  • Registered Tax Consultant
  • Registered Tax Attorney