TFPS – Webinar: Transfer pricing & tax compliance fiscal year 2022


The purpose of this training is to underscore the critical importance of transfer pricing compliance in the annual tax declaration 2022 of Luxembourg companies performing transactions with related parties. By understanding and adhering to transfer pricing regulations, participants will learn how to apply the arm’s length remuneration, to mitigate tax risks, to avoid red flags and uphold the integrity of their organization’s financial reporting with tax authorities.


  • Transfer Pricing requirements
  • Transactions reviewed by Local Tax Authorities
  • Intra-group financing activities
    o Computation of amount of equity at risk
    o Computation of amount of equity at risk remuneration (margin)
    o Identification of operating expenses related to financing activities
    o Application of compliance test of margin
  • Tax risk management
  • Points of attention
  • Takeaways

Date and time

  • Friday, 10th November 2023.
  • 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM.
  • 90 min (webinar) + 10 min (questions).


Join us for this webinar by registering via this link.