Succession planning experts say it has been surprising to see how younger people have been increasingly concerned about this issue. While in the recent past, people sought to structure changes in the family business with an impact in the medium and long term, now persons under 40 years of age have begun to understand the importance of planning and having an efficient structure, in case any unforeseen event happens.

In succession planning, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of the family and the type of assets that the group has, for instance, checking whether there are more real estate properties or more liquidity in the assets. One of the tools that aims to protect companies from family conflicts is governance, which can involve partner agreements and business structures, such as holding companies and trusts.

About the latter structure, there is a bill currently under discussion by the Brazilian House of Representatives (Projeto de Lei No. 4758), which will regulate trusts in Brazil. If the original text is approved, the new law will make it feasible to create a structure very similar to what we have in other jurisdictions today.